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Konya, being a province that has managed to develop in economy by its own capital stock, has taken its place among the provinces that embody the highest number of SME’s in Turkey, by its Organized Industrial Zones and private organized industrial estates, and has also reached a significant potential in the field of employment. Being home to 19,000 SME’s from the total 210,000 operating in Turkey, Konya is also known as the SME Capitol.

By its industrial structure, Konya houses the sectors operating concurrently in many different areas, different from the industries of the other provinces of the country. This structure provides advantages in adaptation to periodical developments and changes.

The sectorial diversity of Konya’s industry brings along certain advantages also. These advantages may be listed as follows:

  • The versatility and flexibility of Konya’s industry
  • Being impacted from crises at minimum levels
  • Dynamic structure
  • Dynamism in the domestic and foreign markets
  • Broad sectorial investment infrastructure for investments with higher production capacities
  • Exports potential

Among the advanced sectors in Konya, agricultural machinery, automotive supply industry and machinery industry are leading. Plastic paint and chemical industry, casting industry, construction materials industry, paper and packing industry, food and shoes sectors are the other developed sectors of our province.

There are many opportunities for investment in Konya, primarily being in industry, and also in the agriculture and service sectors. Konya, being the city with the largest surface area in Turkey, offers many different investment and collaboration opportunities to the investors, by its geographical location, alternative routes of transportation, rapid development, consumption potential thanks to a large and young population, universities, Techno-city, Organized Industrial Zones and modern infrastructure.

The following may be listed among the sectors where new investment opportunities emerge in the coming period in Konya:

  • Automotive Sub-Industry
  • Machinery Sector
  • Defense Industry
  • Organic Agricultural Products Production and Packing
  • Food Sector
  • Medical Sector
  • Renewable Energy Sector
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