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Office of the Secretary General

The Office of the Secretary General, supporting the Board of Directors; manages the cooperation between the Office of the Secretary General and the members of the Board of Directors, the Council, the Committees and all Services, in compliance with the Chamber Legislation. In addition, the Department also follows up on the agenda of the Board of Directors and Council meetings, and acts as an authorized signatory on behalf of the Chamber, pursuant to the law.

Survey-Research Service

This Service designs the economic and sectorial research reports and the weekly briefing reports related to special topics such as economy, foreign politics, domestic politics, EU affairs, and economic sectors. This department additionally organizes seminars, panels, conferences and training courses at the Chamber. It also assumes the duties of participating at congresses and conferences on economic issues, providing consultancy to the members on laws and legislations, EU Financed programs, state supports and credits, organizing the annual tax award ceremony, preparing the annual activity program and the Chamber’s Budget Book, and formation, implementation and maintenance of the required processes aimed for the Quality System. Four members of this service are included in the EU Empowerment of Women Project.

Press and Public Relations Service

The service maintains the relationship between the Chamber and local – national press, by briefings on the Chamber’s meetings and incentives for exhibitions and seminars. This department also informs the members on the Chamber’s activities, organizes the Chamber’s press conferences and prepares the press releases. The service also implements the printing and publication activities of the Chamber.

Foreign Trade Service

This Service is primarily responsible for: endorsing the ATR, EUR 1 and Form A documents, examining and endorsing Certificates of Origin, issuing ATA Carnets, examining and endorsing documents related to exports, such as invoices, agreements, etc. The department periodically issues data related to exports reports, comparative statistical data on exports and researches on the exports ratios based on the countries of exports and companies based on the exported products.

Domestic Trade Service

The primary duties of this Service are to: prepare capacity reports, issue “K” certificates for transport vehicles, register heavy construction equipment, issue certificates of expenditure, and determine the appropriate market prices. In addition, this service maintains records of demands in the areas of buildings, machinery, construction, manufacturing and equipment, in order to determine the current value.

The Professional Committees Service

The Service organizes the monthly meetings of the Professional Committees and maintains the minutes of these meetings. This department also works to strengthen professions, by submitting solutions and recommendations to the Board of Directors. In addition, it also organizes the national exhibition trips, according to the demands of the members.

Accounting Service

The primary duties of this Service are to: prepare a budget related to the revenues and expenses of the Chamber, accrue and collect registration revenues and additional revenues, maintain the accounting book and valuable documents of the Chamber, prepare monthly and annual budget reports, perform the monthly salary payment and any other additional payments of the personnel. This branch also manages the financial affairs with other institutions (Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges).

The Chamber Registry Service

The main duty of this Service is to carry out the membership registration transactions. In connection with this duty, it issues documents related to the registration of member organizations, issues tender files, follows up on changes related to member registration, carries out membership cancellation procedures, endorses Chamber registrations, approvals and statements of Chamber members, registers the Social Security Institution documents of the Chamber members and carries out the required correspondences.

Commercial Registry Service

The primary duties of this Service are to receive documents on the establishment of real and legal entity organizations, register changes and transactions related to the Social Security Institution (Bağ-Kur); issue and authorize authorization certificates, authorized signatories lists, registration certificates and issue and authorize the 47th (Company Establishment) and 55th (Change of Registered Office) documents of the Commercial Register Office, register property, equipment, machinery, etc. of pledged companies, and organize and execute correspondences with public institutions and organizations.

Personnel and Record Keeping Services

This Service prepares the agenda of the Board of Directors and Council Board meetings, records the meeting resolutions. In addition, this service organizes meetings, representation programs and visits, and implements the Call Center Services. Other activities related with this service are transmitting the documents to the Related Services, registration and delivery of received documents, organization of mail and cargo services, organizing all catering services for the members and Board of Directors, Council Board and Chamber’s guests.

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