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With all units of our chamber, under the laws and related legislations, and an impartial, reliable, effective and qualified service mentality, our mission is;

- To contribute to the development of the Konya province in all aspects in the socio-economic sense, and primarily the industrial and commercial life, and take a leading role in its progress on the national scale,

- As a private sector representative, to represent Konya in the best manner in the national and the international arena, take an effective and active role in the promotion of our Country at the international platforms, identify and implement effective policies to that end,

- As the Konya Chamber of Commerce, to adopt perfection as a principle in all initiatives to be made in all areas on behalf of our members, our Province and our Country.


- To render Konya’s international expansion more effective, to contribute to the development of our area and Turkey,

- To transform our chamber in the eyes of our members into a consultancy institution on the business and economic world,

- To continue and expand our activities aimed to facilitate the integration of our members into the European Union process,

- To provide continuous flow of information on all support and incentive issues that our members may benefit from,

- To be effective at the related platforms in order for our businesses in the Konya industry and trade, to have a better say in the economic, social and commercial policies of our country,

- To pioneer all initiatives to be taken aimed to make our Province a center of attraction.


- To provide rapid and smooth services,

- To perpetuate the service quality,

- The maintain the quality of the services, implemented within the framework of the assumed mission and vision, at an exemplary level,

- To keep up with the innovations based on technological developments and to serve with the latest technology aimed for our members,

- To keep the interest of the members always at the forefront in the services provided by our chamber,

- To continuously improve personnel satisfaction and level of education, and maintain continuity in the activities aimed in that direction,

- To offer the services that will provide the highest benefit to our members and pursue continued member satisfaction,

- To encourage and achieve participation of all our personnel in line with the continuous improvement of our quality system.

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